Essential Parts And Features You Should Check When Buying A Used Treadmill

A treadmill can be one of the most irresistible pieces of exercise equipment that you need to have when you want to have your own home gym. They are the best cardio machines to have around: you can walk, jog or run anytime you want to regardless of the weather condition outside. You will definitely achieve better cardiovascular fitness and effectively burn calories when you regularly use a treadmill.

A treadmill can be quite an expensive piece of fitness equipment to buy. However, if you are still very interested and keen on buying one for your home gym, you can consider investing in a used treadmill.

A used treadmill is definitely more affordable than a new one. They are still fully functional and can provide you years of service. However, since you will be buying a used treadmill, you have to put in more effort in choosing the best one to invest in. Below are some of the important parts and features you should check in a used treadmill before buying it:

The treadmill belt. While the treadmill is turned off, inspect it carefully all the way around and check for any fraying, particularly around the edges on both sides. Once it is turned on, watch it carefully at higher speeds and check for any signs of sliding or skipping. If the belt is sliding or skipping, don’t buy it since a skip at high-speed can be very dangerous: it can cause you to slip or trip. In addition, make sure that the belt is not rubbing against any part of the frame as well.

The treadmill motor. Make sure that the treadmill’s motor is still fully functional. You can do this by running the treadmill all the way from warm-up to maximum speed. Pay attention to any sound that you hear whenever you increase the speed. The motor is functioning properly when the sound you hear is smooth at any speed level.

The display. Make sure that the display is easy to use. Ensure that you can read all the displays as well. Inspect it for signs of wear or damage. Used treadmills usually have worn-looking displays from dripping sweat and spilled beverages. Although it’s quite all right for the surface of the display to be a bit scratched and foggy-looking, make sure that the electronic part of the display is still clear and bright.

The incline. Finally, the treadmill should go up to at least 10% incline or even a bit more. When the treadmill moves up, make sure it goes smoothly without bumping or jerking. Test it while the treadmill is running at moderate to high-speed, while you are on it and when you’re not on it.

The Different Types Of Gym Training Equipment

The gym. It’s that place that we either love or hate, but that can be so good for us. Sometimes we get intimidated by the amount of gym training equipment that we see and that is enough to put anyone off. No one wants to look silly trying to use a machine that they cannot, but if you do some research on the types of equipment that exist in the gym and how each of them get used, then you may be able to start making your gym experience more varied and exciting. The reason why most of us hate the gym is the fact that it can be boring, but if you start learning how to use the various types of training equipment, you will see that the amount of monotony will decrease a lot.

The equipment

There are two types of different equipment. The cardio and the weights. The cardio section is made up of treadmills, bicycles, and elliptical trainers. These types of equipment usually encourage you to run or walk, thus getting your heart rate up. Cardio is incredibly good for your heart, as well as for burning fat. If it’s fat that you want to lose, then you should make sure that you get a good cardio session in at least three times a week.

The weights room is a bit different, as there is a lot of equipment that is targeted towards the different parts of the body. Here are some of the basics:

Barbells. This type of weight consists of a long bar in the middle, with weight plates on the two opposing ends. Weight plates can be added or subtracted.
Dumbbells. These are smaller versions of barbells that can be held in separate hands. These are a set weight, but you get sets of differently weighted dumbbells.
Weight plates. These go on the ends of barbells, as well as squat bars. They can however be used independently in certain specialized weight exercises.
Benches. There are different benches for different exercises, you get abdominal benches, and weight benches. The weight benches are there so that you can use different weights while being in different positions.
Stability balls. These come in the form of big Pilates balls that are also great for doing a number of other exercises. They can be used to do light weighted sit ups, push-ups and tricep dips.

So now that you know what some of the various types of gym equipment is, you should not be afraid to make sure that you get into the weights room and use it. You will build muscle tone much quicker than if you just do cardio.

Health Benefits of Apple’s New Watch

Apple’s Wearable Fitness Technology

Online retail sites and in-store shelves are packed with a steady stream of fitness accessories. It’s usually the same type of thing over and over again with a different brand name. Workout DVDs that promote the “best” workout routines for men and women, workout equipment that is probably overpriced, and sites that offer online personal trainers (a service I’ll never buy into).

Every once in a while, something comes along and blows me away. It could be a service, a product, or the integration of a new idea into something old. Large companies are constantly brainstorming to uncover the secret combination of marketing and common sense that will give them access to the inner workings of the average buyer’s brain and wallet.

Brave New World: Wearable Fitness Technology

News, blogs, and social networking sites are all raving over the upcoming release of the new Apple Watch. The new Apple Watch will allow users to access much more than just time keeping (an area that they’ve somehow revolutionized as well).

What’s more personal than your health? Apple thinks that health is about as personal as it gets. The new Apple watch, with all of its wonders, includes an extensive Health and Fitness setting. While this addition may spell doom for many fitness centers, it’s a giant leap in the realm of fitness technologies.

The Three Rings of Apple

The graphic that comes up on the face of the watch includes three rings. These three rings display an overview of the day’s activities.

The display is easy to access and provides information regarding:

• Movement

• Exercise, and

• Standing time.

Recent studies have shown that users respond well to simplicity. Apple has taken advantage of these findings. As we’ll discover, these three simple rings will cover a wide range of activities!

The Movement Ring

The move ring begins empty. When you first buy the watch and begin tinkering with the settings, you’ll set up a personal Move goal for the week. The Apple watch will assist you in creating attainable goals for each day of the coming week. The move ring will fill up and close once you’ve completed your Move goal of the day. More on goals shortly.

The Exercise Ring

While the new Apple watch includes a “dedicated workout” mode which allows users to set up a personalized workout for the day or the week, the Exercise ring works in any mode. Anytime you begin movement that is on the level of a brisk walk or higher, the Exercise ring begins recording the movement. The universal recommendation is at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. For this reason, the Apple watch’s Exercise ring will fill up and close out for the day once you’ve reached 30 minutes of exercise.

The Stand Ring

The Stand ring allows the Apple watch to credit you when you’ve stood or walked around. If you sit on your rump for close to an hour, the new Apple watch will alert you and insist that you stand up and walk around. As long as you stand up for 1 minute an hour for 12 hours, the Stand ring will fill up and close, crediting you for the day.

Personalized Goals

The Apple watch will record your activity over time and will personalize itself to accommodate your level of exercise and activity. You can personalize goals for the week, and each day the Apple watch will assist and encourage you to meet the day’s goal. It keeps track of your progress and credits you throughout the week for participation. Apple has essentially created a personal trainer for your wrist.

Extra Accessories

• The Accelerometer:

o The new Apple watch includes an accelerometer that measures body movements and steps throughout the day. The accelerometer allows the watch to differentiate a walk from a jog or run. With this information, the watch give you an accurate reading on the number of calories you’ve burned throughout the day.

• The Heart Rate Sensor:

o The heart rate sensor allows the Apple watch to monitor your heart rate when you’re working out. Whenever you’re not working out, the watch utilizes the accelerometer, GPS, and Wi-Fi from your phone to determine your movements.

• GPS and Wi-Fi:

o With the use of Wi-Fi from your smart phone, and GPS from satellites high above the earth, the Apple watch delivers a level or accuracy that is second to none. This watch will revolutionize your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking to the mail box, or jogging down the street, the Apple watch will give you encouraging feedback and monitor your physical improvements.

Work Out Mode

The Apple watch’s workout mode will provide encouragement and accurate monitoring before, during, and after each day’s workout. The watch:

• Suggests goals and monitors user set goals throughout the day and week

• Gives accurate and helpful Progress Updates throughout the workout, and

• Provides a complete workout summary upon the conclusion of your exercise.

The Apple watch stands to provide motivation and assist wearers worldwide in getting into shape. Many of our jobs mandate that we sit or stand in the same spot for hours on end each day, week after week and month after month. Apple is providing us with a helpful wrist buddy to keep us moving all day long.